To qualify for a student visa, you’ll need: a ticket out of NZ or evidence that you enough money to buy one. Note: The dependent children of people who already hold a work visa or a student visa do not need to be accepted for a course before they apply for a student visa. Find a programme of study or qualification that suits you.You will also need to show that you have sufficient funds to pay your tuition fees (this can include evidence of loan coverage, scholarship or other funds) and proof of funds to cover your living costs while you study in New Zealand (via a sponsor, a loan, a scholarship, government support or sufficient bank balance). You need to prove you have at least NZD$15,000 (~US$10,870) for each year if your course is longer than nine months.This can be evidence of already paid-for onward tickets, proof of further funds or agreement from a sponsor to pay for onward travel. The point is to show that you intend, and can afford, to leave the country once you complete your studies.

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