Studying in UK from Nepal is the right decision to make. Choosing a location for further studies can either make or break a University Experience. Students always strive to get a degree that is internationally recognized. A UK university will guarantee the recognition of its degree worldwide. England, which has just 1% of the world population can easily boast of having some of the best universities in the world like the Oxford and Cambridge. It produces 14% of world’s most cited academic papers amongst the researcher’s community. Just to name a few geniuses in their respective fields, who have graduated from UK are Stephen Hawkins, Emma Watson, Indira Gandhi, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde and many more. Study in UK can benefit you from different perspectives. The universities in UK are not located in rural setting as well as some of the cities like Nottingham and Cambridge are entirely student centered, providing studious people the best environment. Start here to plan your study abroad experience in UK.

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